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Processing to Gel and Extracto

At first, gather the leaves and cut the ends. After several washes in water tanks is achieved by removing excess aloin and any dust. So far the process is manual.

After the leaves are introduced in a press which separates the pulp from the peel and this fresh and clean pulp is ground to filter it. With the filtrate were removed cellulose and starch and the possible remains of shell. This gives the juice of Aloe Vera (Extracto líquido).

Processing in the factory

This video shows you the preparation of the leaves:

Cut, remove the margins, washing, separation of the pulp and peel, pureeing.

The resulting juice is preserved and bottled with 1% preservative according to the European norm.

To obtain the gel, this juice is added to 1% xantan gum, a natural thickener obtained from plant sugars.

The xantan gum is also found in ice cream, chewing gum, jelly beans, etc.

Before leaving the factory all FuerteAloe products undergo rigorous quality control.

Manual Bottling