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Some people may have allergic reactions on the skin.

During pregnancy it is not recommended that you drink Aloe, but it is recommended the external use.

Allergic reactions

If you have an allergy to onions and garlic, it is very likely the same thing from happening with the Aloe Vera, it pertains to the same family.

Many people believe they have an allergy to the plant for which ever had applied a cosmetic product with Aloe Vera and had experienced a reaction on the skin.

If we apply a Aloe Vera cosmetic with perfumes, colorings, alcohols and other additives, we cannot say that the component that produce a allergy is Aloe Vera.

If you are not sure of suffering from allergies to the lilies, we recommend to do a simple test: apply a few drops of Aloe Vera in the internal face of the wrist and wait a few hours. You can also do this test with onion or garlic.

During pregnancy

One of the effects of Aloe Vera is that it acts as a mild laxative, people suffering from chronic extrenimiento take fasting to enhance this effect.

During pregnancy it is not advisable the intake of laxatives, although they are of natural origin. In this case ask the doctor who prescribed the laxative and dose.

However, pregnancy is an ideal time for the external use of Aloe Vera. One way to use it very powerful to prevent stretch marks, is regularly apply the FuerteAloe gel mixed with a few drops of natural oil, like olive oil, almonds, avocado, argan, etc.