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Taking of the Aloe Extracto

Because the juice of the Aloe Vera tastes to onion and furthermore some bitter, is recommended to mix it with tomato or vegetable juice. That is, however, matter of taste. It functions also with sweet juices and/or yogurts (Rather<A[rather|earlier]> to recommend with children). Also you can drink it with water.

The juice of the aloe is laxative. Therefore during the pregnancy It<A[It|He]> should not drink.

  • Daily use<A[taking|conquest]>:

1 time daily approx. 1 tablespoon (15 - 20 ml)

By problems with blocking<A[blocking|plug]>: Taking<A[Taking|Conquest]> before the breakfast

To recommend: for the strengthening<A[strengthening|refreshment]> of the immune system, at high blood pressure, at high blood sugar mirror (Diabetes), for the decontamination of the body

  • Cure:

3 times daily approx. 1 tablespoon (15 - 20 ml) after the meal<A[food|Essen]

Period approx. 4 - 6 weeks (after that, and/or before wider, daily use<A[taking|conquest]> Just as long pause as regretted<A[regretted|lasted]> the cure)

To recommend: at stomach-, intestine problems, bronchitis, asthma