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Planting of young plants

Planting outside only is possible, if the temperature never goes under 5°C. Also if is raining only one time per month. Otherwise is better to plant ist in a wide pot (but not deep).

prepare the bottom
Cactus-ground or ground for flowers with sand
plant it deep
the ground firmly presses
a little gravel on the ground

Before plant it, store it 2 weeks dry, temperature above 10°C.




If you plant Aloe Vera in a pot.


Use a wide pot for the planting.


Use normal cactus ground, or mix ground for flowers fifty-fifty with sand.

The seedling deep enough stews, so later is stable and in weight gain does not tip over to one side. As a benchmark roughly as deep stews that the innermost leaf of the plant is just visible.


After the potting, the first time poured the plant after 2 months.


Summers as winters, give the aloe water only once in the mont.


Water: according to size between 0.2 and 0.5 ltr.


Minimum temperature: 5° C

Best temperature between 16 and 36 °C

First childrens: after approx. 2 years

First flower of the plant: after approx. 3 - 4 years

The Aloe Vera is a desert plant, means she loves sun and wind, but may neither cold nor too much water.