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Processing the leaf

Plant with children
Choosing leaf
disconnect from the tribe
cutted leaf
Plug in a few hours
Cleaning the leaf
straight cut
in a pot of water
for one night
The water
is yellow by the expiry
of the bitter part(Aloin)

The best leaves are usually in the second row. The outer sheets contain too little gel, because the plant this itself uses.



To remove a leaf engrave it on one side, close to the root of the tree, and pulls it off.



If you want to remove the excess of bitter substances of the plant, you should remove the leaf before the evening, then clean, straighten out the leaf ,and then keep it one night in a pot with water.




The bitter substances which is between the shell and the pulp and in the wires are running in the water, which first becomes a yellow color, then by the oxidation within a day  a red color.



The water can  be used again to water the plants.